Thursday, July 24, 2008

Famous Disgruntled Youths? Things Were Better Out West!

Jack the Ripper

there are some theories that Jack's spree is related to some of the stuff I have talked about ...

interesting that you have made the connection between Jack and mega-controlling parents ... there is one theory that Jack the Ripper was one of Queen Victoria's sons

Horatio Alger, Jr

one major theory at this point in time that most folks do not realize is the Unitarian author that wrote the Horatio Alger's stories was a pedophile ...

this is not well known because book sales would have slumped off incredibly ... but even these stories had to have a thin veneer of respectability to them

(I have used 2-3 of these stories to point out certain issues to my own children ... like being melodramatic or histrionic is not the way to go! ... I tend not to enjoy drama queens & kings ... anyway, the guy that wrote Horatio Alger did around 119 books ... there are only 4-5 plot lines for all of them ... so, if you have read 1-2 and most definitely 3-4 you will know the plots for all the rest of the stories)

Annie Oakley (a stark contrast!)

from what I have seen, US crime rates were similar ... except out west ... the reason for that is because most women were shooting game to feed their families (Annie Oakley was only exceptional in a couple of areas ... she worked for the wild west show and did trick shooting) ... women out west tended NOT to put up with such nonsense ... more often than not a man would have been too scared to try to physically abuse most women because she could handle herself (thank you very much) ... in fact, out west the gals received the right to vote and hold public office long before the rest of us

Have you read Louis L'Amour stories? (A good place to start)

~ from the notes of Lady Victorian Historian