Friday, July 25, 2008

More Voting Freedoms for Women

USA Vote for Women

It would seem that in the United States the Americans did not succomb to popular man-made notions ..

New Jersey
Under the Articles of Confederation (following War of Independence) ... the only voting requirement was that one had to have £50 (~USD250) worth of cash or property ... election laws referred to voters as "he or she"; 1790=law made specifically to include women; 1807 law made to exclude women cuz they made themselves objectional to professional politicians; 1844 constitution banned women from voting

• Wyoming Territory
1869; women vote; 1890 Wyoming admitted to Union;
1st to let women vote

• Utah Territory
1870; women vote; 1887, the United States Congress disenfranchised Utah women with the Edmunds–Tucker Act; 1895, Utah adopted a constitution restoring women’s vote

• Colorado
1st state where men voted to give women the right to vote

anybody wanna add to this list?

It would seem that during the Victorian Era the further West folks went the more freedom all had ... including women ... and the West was known for its morality (overall) being higher than in the east (See: Louis L'Amour)

There are some who don't believe women should be voting today. And if they do then they should only vote for who their husband tells them to. In my experience, these tend to be the same folks who want us to return to "Victorian Days."

this is bizarre ...

women are citizens in this culture ...

our ancestors thought it would be a good thing for women to vote ...

so sad ...

~ from the notes of Lady Victorian Historian