Sunday, July 20, 2008

"Trafficking in Women the White Slave Trade"

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Fighting the Traffic
in Young Girls

or, War on the White Slave Trade

Edited by Ernest A Bell

Gordon Press, 1975. Reprint of the G S Ball 1910 edition. Fine unused hardback in red leatherette with gilt lettering. Published without a jacket. B/W photos. 481 pages. ISBN 0879682523.

"A complete and detailed account . . . of the methods by which the procurers and panders lure innocent young girls away from home and sell them to keepers of dives." Chapters by Edwin W Sims, William A Coote and others.


  1. History of the white slave trade
  2. Suppression of the traffic
  3. The trade today
  4. Menace of the trade
  5. A slave's own story
  6. Story of Estelle Ramon
  7. Our sister of the street
  8. More about the traffic by Ophelia Amigh
  9. The traffic in girls by Charles Crittenton
  10. Warfare against the traffic
  11. The Boston hypocrisy
  12. Auctioneer of souls
  13. The trade in New York
  14. How we took up the fight
  15. The nations and the trade
  16. The yellow trade
  17. How snakes charm canaries
  18. Procuresses;
  19. Wanted: Mothers and fathers
  20. Chicago's slave market
  21. The regulation of vice
  22. The black plagues
  23. The public health
  24. Diseases
  25. Recruiting grounds
  26. Means of protecting our girls
  27. Laws for the suppression of the trade
  28. A pastor's part
  29. Story of the Midnight Mission
  30. Helen Chambers
  31. Destruction of the vice districts in LA
  32. Conditions in London
  33. For God's sake, do something.